Designing rain and torrential drainage networks in which:

  • Treating water collection points within cities through existing plans
  • Design of pipelines to drain torrents
  • Designing box channels for designing torrents
  • Preparing the technical standards and specifications for the various design work
  • Design of open channels to drain torrents

Hydrological studies for the drainage of torrential and rainwater are:

  • Topographical study and Morphometric characteristics of the areas to be studied
  • Study the coral surrounding or passing through the study area
  • Study the geology of the study area and study the soil
  • Study the metrological characteristics of the study area
  • Determine the mechanism of drainage and the risks that the study area is exposed to
  • Estimating the quantities of rain and torrential waters exposed to the study area
  • Design of main and secondary reefs affecting the study area
  • Designing the open or closed channels required to drain water from the study area
  • Developing appropriate solutions to drain water from the study area
  • Setting the guidelines to ensure the preservation of the study area from flood risks, and taking them into account during the design and planning of the roads
Head of Department
Dr. Al-Zahry Farouk Mohamed