The Architecture Department performs the following tasks:

  • Integrated architectural design at all stages for all types of projects and buildings of various natures and activities
  • Preparation of integrated architectural plans, such as projections, facades, sections and architectural details
  • Designing, processing and making detailed drawings “Integrated executive drawings”
  • Design and preparation of detailed plans for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) for sewage, electricity, mechanics, air conditioning and fire
  • Architectural interior design and decoration and preparation of integrated architectural and executive plans
  • Making architectural models of different scales using the latest technological devices available in this field.
  • Preparing works and schedules of quantities and specifications for all types of projects as well as estimating the cost expected to implement these projects
  • Producing high quality and accurate architectural perspectives using the latest architectural and engineering programs available in this field
  • Feedback and following up with the secretariats and municipalities regarding the projects and submitting the necessary drawings related to the building regulations, in order to issue the initial and final licenses for building clearance
Head of Department
Engineer. Mustafa Ali Ibrahim