Hydrological study and flood discharge of Hifz Sunduq plan in Riyadh
Location Al-Nazim neighborhood, northeast Riyadh
Client Hifz Sunduq Real Estate Company, Al - Nazim neighborhood, northeast of Riyadh
Duration 60 days
Type of work Hydrological study

A brief overview of the work

The project consists of planning sunduq hifz real estate company land, it is a plan for light warehouses and the project land is located in Al-Nazim neighborhood, northeast of the city of Riyadh and the plan area is about 3 million m2

The study consists of two phases:
  • The preliminary study which is submitted to the competent authorities before starting the planning work, and includes the following:
    • • Gathering the necessary information to complete the study from the concerned authorities and conducting field visits to determine the hydrological status of the plan.
    • • Surveying only for sheeb passing the plan, if any.
    • • Analyzing information, studying the area, ensuring the discharge of floods from the plan and adjacent areas, proposing solutions to the discharge of the plan floods, and addressing the impact of neighboring plans on the plan, as well as sheebs and valleys passing by or near the plan.
    • • Design and preparation of the initial report and submitting it to the competent authorities.

  • The final study which starts after the initial adoption of the plan, and includes the following:
    • • Completing notes on the preliminary study (if any).
    • • Completion of the rest of the designs depending on the planning of the project land and on the levels of streets asphalt.
    • • Preparing the final report for the competent authorities.
The hydrological study report includes:
  • • Introduction to the project and description of the study area
  • • Description and analysis of the cadastral survey for the project land topography and field visits to the site
  • • Identification of sheebs and valleys passing by and nearby the plan land and their own drainage basins
  • • Metrological characteristics of the city of Riyadh
  • • Estimating the amount of flood for the project area and how to discharge them
  • • The mechanism of discharge of flood water for the project land and the surrounding lands
  • • Developing the necessary recommendations to protect the project land from the dangers of floods and developing solutions such as the implementation of closed or open networks and putting culverts in places of intersections
  • • Designs for proposed solutions and implementation plans