The Roads and Bridges Engineering Department performs the following works:

  • Supervision of road projects with the competent government authorities (ministries - secretariats - municipalities)
  • Supervision of the work and projects of the private sector
  • Developing existing road networks for residential neighborhoods
  • Conducting full studies of the roads in the newly approved plans
  • Conducting studies and integrated designs to develop and improve roads, main streets and intersections
  • Horizontal designing, creating longitudinal and transverse sections and design of flood discharge works
  • Designing road markings works including lines, traffic signs, directions arrows and pedestrian crossings
  • Designing road signs works and traffic lights
  • Study of agriculture and afforestation of streets, squares, intersections and site coordination works
  • Preparation of specifications, calculation of the business items' quantities and cost estimation of implementing projects
  • Designing bridges of various types in conjunction with specialized international offices
Head of Department
Engineer. Abdul Nasr abo Salem