A study to prevent the dangers of floods in Riyadh city
Location Riyadh
Client Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs Riyadh Municipality
Duration 540 days
Type of work Preparation of engineering manuals for the criteria for the prevention of flood dangers

A brief overview of the work

Floods are considered one of the most dangerous forms of surface runoff after floods. This is due to the energy they gain during their rapid decline on mountain and rocky slopes. This turns them into a large destruction force that must be controlled to protect cities and villages that may fall on either side of the flood stream or intercept its way. The floods have caused many disasters in many countries in the world recently, where it has become difficult to overlook the negative effects of these floods if we are to continue the urban growth of these countries. The aim of this project is to prepare engineering manuals for the criteria of preventing flood dangers by developing guidelines for the design and maintenance of flood and rain drainage networks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and to solve the problem of the different methods of engineering design of flood discharge networks between the consultancy offices and the adoption of an engineering manual containing the technical standards to be followed by the consultant in preparing the required designs and specifying the appropriate engineering standards and specifications for the various studies and designs required for all elements and items to protect the city of Riyadh from the dangers of floods, and study the types of control facilities and rain water and flood discharge works, which is one of the elements of the infrastructure of modern cities.