Preliminary studies of Nozha road project in Jeddah
Location Jeddah
Client Jeddah Municipality
Duration 6 months
Type of work Design

A brief overview of the work

Preparing a study for Nozha road and proposing a new engineering design for the road in line with the development plan of the neighborhoods on the southern side of the road and the flights coming to and from King Abdul Aziz Airport and linking it to the existing roads.

The project includes the provision of three-dimensional design alternatives to Nozha road of 6 km length, and alternatives to intersections designs which was 5 intersections. The office proposed a number of connection alternatives on both the airport road and Haramain and Medina, including a directional interchange from Haramain road to Nozha road to facilitate movement to and from the eastern side of the city

And the proposal of a walking track and recreational areas to make use of the space on both sides of the road.