Project of preparing local and detailed plans for Al-Kharj city
Site Al-Kharj City - Riyadh
Client Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
Duration 6 months
Type of work Studying the traffic impact in Al-Kharj city

A brief overview of the work

In this study, a transport model was developed for Al-Kharj city to contribute to the planning of transport and traffic. This includes analyzing the transport elements associated with the city, determining the current traffic density at rush hour periods, and assessing the traffic situation on the city's external and internal roads.

In order to achieve these objectives, a work methodology has been developed that includes the main areas of work for the study of transport within the city as described in the following paragraph.
  • Information gathering: includes review of previous studies and initial recognition of the city.
  • Field Surveys: Includes traffic restriction and transport network.
  • Studying the current conditions of transport: include analysis of the current situation and the development of urgent solutions to develop and improve the transport network in the city.
  • Development of the transport demand model: This includes the construction of a transport model in the current situation and the allocation on the transport network.
  • Evaluation of alternatives and development of the plan: This includes the use of the transport model based on the approved general plan for future land use, and the preparation of an internal transport system that will accommodate individual's transportation in the future.
The study was approved by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs.