Studying the traffic impact of Al-Rashid Hotel and Mall project
Location Dammam
Client Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Co. Ltd.
Duration 12 weeks
Type of work Studying the impact of the project on the road traffic

A brief overview of the work

The project consists of a hotel and a mall owned by Al-Rashid Trading and Contracting Co. Ltd. The total land area of the project is 132,500 m2 divided into 116,896 m2 for the mall and 14,000 m2 for the hotel. The hotel consists of 198 hotel rooms in addition to 163 hotel suites with a total building area of 384,316 m2. The study was approved by the Eastern Province Secretariat.

General contents of the study :
  • 1. Objectives and methodology of the study.
  • 2. Field studies and data analysis. Field data were collected for traffic on site.
  • 3. The traffic needs of the project and future traffic were studied.
  • 4. The traffic effects expected from the operation of the project were studied.
  • 5. The traffic needs, parking, entrances and exits of the project were studied.
  • 6. The study came up with recommendations made by the owner and by the concerned authorities.