Supervising the construction of Hawtat Bani Tamim Bridge to connect Salamieh with the neighboring plans
Location Hawtat Bani Tamim - Riyadh Region
Client Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs
Duration 15 months
Type of work Supervising the implementation works

A brief overview of the work

The project consists of the implementation of a concrete bridge to link Salamiya neighborhood and the neighboring plans of the city of Hawtat Bani Tamim that passes over King Abdullah Road, the project includes the implementation of the bridge slopes (Ramps), which are short ways to ascent to the road where the bridge will be implemented or the slope from the road to King Abdul Road. The project also includes the implementation of some modifications on King Abdullah Road in the bridge area, and the implementation of improvement and development to that part of the road. The project includes several items including the implementation of bridge beams and slabs, the implementation of post-tension beams, the implementation of retaining walls near the bridge and at the entrances and exits of the project, road, asphalt, excavation and backfilling works, as well as the conversion of some services that are incompatible with the project, including the culvert belonging to Hawtat municipality that is passing through the project and aerial electricity cables interfering with the project in several places.