Supervising the work of the implementation of the flood culvert down Ahmed bin Atwa road
Location Kairouan district - north of Riyadh
Client Tharwat for Financial Securities Co
Duration 5 months
Type of work Supervising the implementation work.

A brief overview of the work

The implementation of the culvert project under Ben Atwa road was supervised with the work of relaying the water line of 400 mm diameter and concrete cladding to protect the slopes. The project consists of an extension of the culvert pipes with a diameter of 1600 mm below Ben Atwa road with a depth of up to 12 meters down the road with a number of (8 holes) with the implementation of entrances and exits and the execution of concrete slopes above the entrances and exits. The reinforcement of the water line diameter of 2000 mm, existing on top of the flood culvert, was carried out by the implementation of reinforced concrete piles with a depth of 12 meters below the water line level and making steel beams to carry the existing line in coordination with the National Water Company. An existing water pipeline, that was contrary to the implementation of the culvert, was diverted and it passes in a concrete culvert and the diameter of the line is 400 mm with the reduction of the level of this line, as well as making retaining walls next to Salboukh road due to the overlap of the road with the path of the floods discharge channel that feed the culvert.