Supervising the implementation of the infrastructure networks of the North Industrial Project
Location Kairouan district - north of Riyadh
Client Alinma Investment Co
Duration 12 months
Type of work Supervising the implementation of infrastructure networks.

A brief overview of the work

The implementation of infrastructure networks was supervised for the implementation of the North Industrial Project owned by Alinma Investment Company. It is located to the north of Riyadh, west of Qassim road and south of Special Security Forces bridge. The plan takes the form of a triangle bounded east by Prince Mohammed bin Saad (formerly Al-Kheir) 60 meters width, south by Ahmed bin Atwa road 60 meters width and with an approximate area of about 248,348 m2, the length of the streets and passages is estimated at about 3844 Lm and an area of (63644 m2). :

  • Road network: The area of the network is 126000 m2 and two layers of asphalt were implemented with a thickness (8 cm, 4 cm).
  • Electricity network : This includes analyzing the current situation and developing urgent solutions to develop and improve the city's transport network.
  • Lighting network : The length of the network is 4900 Lm and 126 light and decorative posts.
  • Water network : the length of the water network is 8300 Lm and has 58 extinguishers.
  • Sewerage network : The length of the network is 5097 Lm and has 59 manholes.
  • Irrigation and Agriculture Network: The irrigation network was implemented to cover the entire project area.
  • Telephone network: The length of the network is 7500 m and has 15 manholes.