Supervising the implementation of the infrastructure networks of Tharawat Logistic City project
Location Kairouan district - north of Riyadh
Client Tharwat for Financial Securities Co
Duration 18 months
Type of work Supervising the implementation of infrastructure networks.

A brief overview of the work

The implementation of infrastructure networks was supervised for the implementation project of Tharawat Logistic City owned by Tharwat for Financial Securities Co. north of Riyadh, west of Al-Qassim road, south to the Special Security Forces bridge. The plan is bounded east by the North Industrial, south by Ahmed bin Atwa road, with a width of (60 m), north by the Special Security Forces headquarter, and west by Salboukh Road with a width of (100 m), with an approximate area of the plan (1767597 m2). The networks were implemented according to the specifications of Riyadh City Secretariat, the water company and the electricity company.

Streets widths range from (20, 25, 30 m) and the following networks were implemented:
  • Road network: The area of roads and passages is about 511,864 m2 and the implementation of the asphalt layer with a thickness of (8 cm).
  • The electricity network : The length of the network is 33371 Lm, 78 stations and 16 quadrable links.
  • Lighting network : The length of the network is 19340 Lm, and 615 light and decorative posts.
  • Water network : the length of the water network is 29589 Lm and has 102 extinguishers.
  • Flood network : The length of the network is 3326 Lm, in addition to the implementation of an open flood discharge channel with a length of 1180 m.
  • Cutting and backfilling blocks : blocks have been cut up to the level of asphalt and backfilled up to the bottom of the foundation level by 1.5.
  • Works of the implementation of the flood culverts and reinforcement of a water line with a diameter of 2000 mm : The flood culvert was executed with a diameter of 1600 mm and reinforced a main water line passing above the culverts with a diameter of 2000 mm.