Land division projects for residential, commercial and industrial purposes
Site Riyadh City – Al-Nadhim District
Client Hifz Sunduq Real Estate
Duration 6 months
Type of work Adoption of the plan of land division and infrastructure design

A brief overview of the work

The project consists of a site plan as a logistic warehouse area at the eastern entrance of Riyadh city, on an area of about 3.000.000 m2, owned by the Hifz Sunduq real estate company The site has been divided into three planning units based on the natural and industrial determinants of the site and the opportunities and possibilities available. Each unit contains all the services that ensure the success of its operation efficiently, and the developer can deal with these units as stages of implementation according to its financial capabilities and market needs. Taking into account all the controls and technical requirements related to the licensing of warehouse plans in force in the Riyadh Municipality. This plan has already been approved under the number 3905 and is currently under development and the implementation of infrastructure works, asphalt, paving and street lighting at the moment.