Urban Planning


  • Regional Planning : We examine all possibilities and resources of the administrative regions of major provinces, which contributes to the development of regional strategies that determine the role and function of the region and the preservation of national and regional level that develops a future land use. Therefore, propose a regional system that allocates future development and defines the role of urban communities in order to achieve balanced development and integration between urban and rural areas.
  • Planning of Cities and Villages : the office is studying the functional relationship between the city and the urban communities and regions. In addition, the surrounding regions that envision long-term nature, form of urban development in the city, and determine the best trends of urban expansion commensurate with the site conditions. Furthermore, the Firm identifies land-use for future development proposals on road coworks and transport, identifies the structural plan and the needs of the city’s public services in line with the population growth and urbanization, and develops proposals for utility systems in the city.
  •  Detailed Planning : KEC is concerned with the planning and identifying of land uses of detailed quarters of the city. Also with accurate and proposed control division of parcel of land and population densities, structural controls and system to build on plots of land that offers roads, sidewalks, pedestrian paths as well as parking spaces. Moreover, services on locating lots for public services and cowork of public utilities.

    -Detailed Planning for District and City Centers: Projects are detailed schematic remodeling of the existing neighborhoods/districts by historical, arbitrary, or modern neighborhood. Development of the city’s central region or to develop special areas for tourism, archeological, historical and cultural cities.
   – Planning the territory of Private Equity: Planning a private land for different land-use residential, commercial, industrial or public services. KEC surveys the land and prepares studies and planning of the site, learn the needs of the lot owner and then submits schematic plans for the site before the submission to the secretariat or the ministry up to implementation.
    -Government Land Planning: KEC prepares plans for zoning of lands as required by the municipal office, prior to granting it to the citizens. The Firm does preparations and follows up procedures, prior to issuance of land plots after the grant by the secretariat or municipality.


  • 14 Jul, 2015