About Us ( Historical overview )

Mohammed Redha Fouad Kattan for Engineering Consultancy (KEC) is considered one of the first, among national engineering consultancy firm in Saudi Arabia. KEC commenced engineering services and practiced areas of Engineering Consultancy Bureau in the Kingdom under the Ministry of Commerce way back in the late 60’s, with the license no. 267 dated 10/18/1398e. In the midst of the massive urban development, KEC provided different engineering services.

KEC, formerly named “Consulting Centre”, consists of two sub-offices. One in the United Kingdom and another in the United States of America.

In 1991, the Consulting Center changed its name to Mohammed Redha Fouad Kattan for Engineering Consultancy – but retained the same line of work, location, staff and management. Being a growing company, the company added other services particularly in the field of Urban Planning, Transportation and Traffic Engineering, and Land Surveying along with qualified personnel and equipments.

Since the foundation of the company is dedicated to provide the best engineering and consultancy services, attainment of lasted instruments and device is a necessity. KEC acquired these instruments, from Total Stations, Global Positioning System, to the up to date computer hardware and software.

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